Technophilia Episode 15: All Your Macs Are Belong To Us

April 12, 2012 | In: Uncategorized

We’ve got our first outbreak of Mac malware. The culprit? Microsoft Office. Java helped too! The point is, malware on your Mac is more likely than you think. Find out more by listening to this week’s Technophilia Podcast, earth’s favorite technology podcast, hosted by three MakeUseOf authors – Justin Pot, James Bruce and Dave LeClair.

This week: Justin removes unnecessary crap from Google Reader using Google Reader Readable. James uses the magical TriDef drivers to play his favorite PC games in 3D on his 3D television. And Dave is playing through Mass Effect 3, which he’s enjoying. We briefly discuss the Mass Effect ending controversy; there may be spoilers.

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And, as always, the headlines:

James explains how Google Glass is completely possible. Justin says it’s a bad idea. Dave says something stupid, presumably.

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